Kidsville Childcare and Development Facility

Providing a safe, secure and stable environment while you're away.

Welcome to Kidsville....
3014 Ahrens Street (Corryville)
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219
513-221-KIDZ (5439)
Monday - Sunday 7:00am - 11:59pm
Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers and School-age 

1730 Tennessee Avenue (Paddock Hills)
Cincinnati, Ohio 45229
513-742-KIDZ (5439)
Monday - Friday 7:00am - 6:30pm
Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers and School-age 

Kidsville is a state licensed daycare serving Cincinnati Ohio, and the surrounding area. We offer a nurturing, educational program for infants to school aged children.

Our goal is to provide high quality child care by creating a safe, healthy, and caring environment that promotes the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of your child. We partner with parents; working together to help our children grow happy, healthy, and strong, and building a relationship of mutual trust and respect.

Our Philosophy

We believe that each child is a unique and special individual who has the right to safe, stimulating, and educational ch
ild care regardless of race, gender, color, religion, ability, economic background or national origin. We know how hard it is to leave your child in the care of another, but please rest assured that your child will be cherished and kept safe while you are away.

Child Care Enrollment Procedures

Admission to KidsVille Childcare and Development Facility is open to all children aged two weeks to twelve years, regardless of race, gender, color, religion, political persuasion, national origin, handicap, ancestry, or sexual orientation.

Child Care Enrollment Step 1: Check Availability  

If you are interested in enrolling your child at KidsVille, please check to see which openings are available. Due to our small group size we do not experience the high turnover of group centers so we can't guarantee there will be openings. If there are no openings available, please add your name to our waiting list.  

Child Care Enrollment Step 2: Interview and Tour  

We highly recommend that parents visit any center they are considering prior to enrolling. It's almost impossible to tell if a program is right for your child without seeing it in person. Contact us to schedule an interview and tour of our facility. During the interview you will receive an enrollment application, print copy of our policies, and materials to help you choose the program that is right for you. Feel free to bring your child with you so he or she can meet the other children and see what fun things there are to do here. Be sure to allow around 30 minutes so we have adequate time to discuss your child's specific needs, our program policies, and to address all of your questions.  

Child Care Enrollment Step 3: Enrollment Application

Enrollment documents

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Enrollment documents - Infants
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To secure your spot, send a completed enrollment application with the enrollment fee to:  

KidsVille Childcare and Development Facility
PO Box 19482
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219  

After receiving the application and enrollment fee we will send you confirmation of your child's enrollment and enrollment packet.   Once you receive the packet, please take time to complete each of the forms and to become familiar with our policies before your child's first day of attendance.  

Child Care Enrollment Forms  

The following forms must be completed, signed and submitted by the date listed on each form. No child can be accepted for care without the proper forms on file.

*Application *Child Medication Statement *Infant Statement (if applicable)

Child Care Disenrollment Policy

At some point it will be time for your child to move from our care to school or another situation. The Parent/Provider Contract may be terminated by either KidsVille or by the parent. Two weeks' notice must be given in writing when the parent terminates child care services. Regular tuition payments are due during this time whether the child is brought for care or not.  

KidsVille may terminate a child's enrollment effective immediately for the following reasons: failure to pay tuition and/or fees on time, lack of parental cooperation, inability to meet the needs of the child, failure to pick up the child on time, failure to complete and return required forms, verbal or physical abuse or threat by a parent or other person transporting a child, a child's behavior which threatens the well-being of any person at KidsVille, or for any other reason as deemed necessary by KidsVille. When notice of termination is given by the parent or by the center all outstanding bills must be paid; regardless of which party terminates services. If the parent does not give a written two-week notice, tuition for the two weeks following the child's last day of attendance is due.

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