Kidsville Childcare and Development Facility

Providing a safe, secure and stable environment while you're away.


Children will thrive in our play-based program! From infancy through the "tween" years we celebrate children's individuality, nurture their healthy development, and prepare them for success in life.

  • Infants and Toddlers develop secure attachments and trust through individualized care, predictable routines, and sensitive caregiving.
  • Preschoolers enjoy lots of time for exploration and hands-on activities, as well as plenty of time to learn at their own pace.
  • School-age children (Kindergarten and up) receive opportunities to develop independence, and a wide variety of age-appropriate activities to choose from.
Child Care Daily Schedule

Our daily schedule is flexible, yet carefully designed to promote your child's development and creativity through a balance of educational, stimulating and fun activities. Following a daily schedule helps children feel secure because they can depend on a consistent routine and predict the events of each day. The daily schedule also helps you understand how your child spends his or her day. Each day is mostly child-directed; not guided by the clock.

Child Care Daily Schedule


Arrival and Choices
Morning Circle
Learning Activities
Outdoor Play
Free Play
Prepare for Naps
Story Time
Nap/Quiet Time
Get up from Nap
Clean Up
Choices or Outdoors


Daily Schedules Provide Routine

Children need consistency in their daily routines. An appropriately structured routine can help reinforce positive behaviors in children and minimize negative behaviors. Young children, especially, have problems dealing with disruptions and disorganization throughout the day. When children cannot depend upon a routine or a routine is changed often, their behavior tends to reflect the routine - chaotic and inconsistent. Our daily child care schedule provides routine and structure for children so that they know basically what to expect from day to day.

Our Child Care Daily Schedule is Flexible

Our daily schedule provides a basic framework for our days, but is not rigid. Rigidity in a schedule offers its own set of problems. When an activity is especially engrossing or demands a few additional minutes, it is beneficial to adjust the schedule to accommodate the activity. Problems can result when children are regularly asked to stop engrossing work to engage in something less meaningful. This can promote negative or destructive behavior in the child. The child care schedule may vary on a daily basis because it is based on the children's interests and needs. We also vary the schedule according to the weather and the season; spending more time outside when it's nice out and more time inside when it's cold.

Play-Based Child Care Daily Schedule

Young children are naturally curious and learn best by exploring and discovering for themselves through play. Play is essential for all children's well-being and development. New concepts, improved skills and enhanced comprehension come to children through play. Children's senses help them to experience the world around them, and their imaginations take them anywhere they want to go. While playing, children learn to originate and organize ideas, become more flexible in problem solving, and develop longer attention spans. During play children learn to communicate their thoughts, feelings, ideas and needs to others. Our daily child care schedule gives ample time for play and provides a variety of educational materials and experiences for the children to choose from.

Child Care Nutrition

Good nutrition is vital to children's physical and mental development. We have developed child care nutrition policies in our program to encourage the development of good eating habits that will last a lifetime.

Meals and Snacks Promote Child Care Nutrition

Due to our desire to promote your child's health and provide good child care nutrition, KidsVille will follow the child care nutrition guidelines of 4 C’s for all meals and snacks. A variety of nutritionally balanced, high quality foods are prepared and served on the premises each day. Meals are served family style; each child is encouraged to serve him or herself, and to try each food that is offered.

Child Care Nutrition is Routine

In order to limit our time away from the children and to promote healthy eating habits, food is available only at scheduled times. Children who choose not to eat will need to wait until the next scheduled meal or snack. Meal and snack times are planned so that no child will go more than three hours without being offered food. Scheduled meal times are 9:00-9:30, 12:00-12:30, and 3:15-3:45. If your child is absent during a scheduled meal or snack it is your responsibility to feed him/her before he/she arrives. Although we realize that fast food is convenient, please do not bring your child with a fast food meal or drink as this undermines our efforts to teach healthy habits to the children,

Child Care Nutrition Considers Special Diets

Sometimes a child requires a special diet due to allergies, food sensitivities, or other circumstances. We are experienced in reading ingredient lists for allergens and accommodating special diets without compromising nutrition. If your child needs a special diet we will make reasonable adjustments to our menu in order to accommodate his/her needs. If you prefer to send meals to KidsVille, the meal must follow USDA nutrition guidelines, which we will supply to you. If your child is not able to follow the Food Program child care nutrition guidelines due to special dietary needs we are required to have a written doctor's order to follow. Please do not send gum, candy, snacks, or other foods to KidsVille. unless prior arrangements are made.

Child Care Nutrition can Include Special Treats

A well-balanced child care nutrition plan includes occasional treats, and what better time for treats than a birthday or holiday? Special birthday or holiday treats help make these days even more special for our children! We very much appreciate it when parents send in treats, but it is not necessary. If you wish to send a special birthday or holiday treat please let us know ahead of time so we won't plan a treat and end up with double treats. If you are unable to send a birthday treat we will provide one so we can all celebrate your child's birthday together.

Our Weekly Menus Promote Child Care Nutrition

Our week menus are carefully planned to follow child care nutrition guidelines at every meal. Each menu is designed to provide a wide variety of nutritious foods that are different in color, shape, size and texture. All of our child care menus include foods that are new or different, the children's favorites, culturally diverse, and seasonally appropriate. Menus are rotated on a six-week basis to provide the children with a balance of variety and familiarity. Menus are adapted to incorporate fresh in-season produce and special foods that fit our current curriculum. Food Program forms are kept on file, however weekly menus are not kept.

Child Care Menus

Good nutrition is vital to children's physical and mental development. Our child care menus have been carefully designed to fulfill child care food requirements, and to promote good nutrition and encourage the development of good eating habits that will last a lifetime.

Week One Child Care Menu






Afternoon Snack




Turkey Sausage

Grilled cheddar sandwich
Green Beans
Mixed Fruit







Turkey Hot Dogs





Cold Cereal

Tuna Sandwiches

Graham crackers




Pop Tarts

Fish Sticks

Gold Fish Crackers




Cream of Wheat

Chicken Nuggets

Peanut Butter Crackers




Menu is subject to change, to incorporate fresh in-season produce and special foods relating to our current curriculum.  All lunches and dinners are served with a slice of bread or dinner roll.

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