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Welcome to the payment page.  You can make your childcare fees and co-payments here.  Please enter the child's name and date of service below for the week(s) you are paying.  It will then take you the transaction page.  On that page you will be able to enter the amount due.  

Pay below for the Paddock Hills location only.
Paddock Hills Rate Sheet

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Pay below for the Clifton location only.
Cllifton Rate Sheet

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Child Care Fees

No business can run without funding, therefore the following policies have been developed to promote the high quality services, materials, supplies, and well-trained, educated caregivers common to KidsVille. Financial terms will be finalized upon signing the parent-provider contract.

Child Care Enrollment Fee

In order to reserve a child care space in the program and top cover the cost of paperwork, a non-refundable enrollment fee of $25.00 is due when you enroll your child. No child care spot will be reserved without an enrollment fee. Holding fees apply if you are requesting a holding period of more than one week. Tuition payments for the first week/month are due on the child's first day of attendance.

Child Care Holding Fee

When we agree to hold an opening we give up the right to fill that position and to receive tuition from that position. For this reason a non-refundable holding fee is required to hold an opening when a child's start date is more than one week after enrollment. This fee will be three-quarters of the regular weekly fee, and will be due on the Monday of each week that the opening is to be held, beginning on the date that the opening becomes available. If payment is not received by 6:30 on Monday, the opening will no longer be held and any fees or payments that have been made will be forfeited.

Child Care Tuition

Tuition payments are used to provide the highest possible quality of care and environment for your child.  Tuition is based on the schedule recorded on the Parent/Provider Contract and is due on the morning of the first day of attendance each week. Payment is considered past due if not paid in full by 6:00 PM Tuesday of each week; at which time a $15 late tuition fee will be charged weekly until tuition and fees are paid. Late payment of tuition may cause child care services to be suspended without notice until full payment is received. Pre-paid fees including overpayments are non-refundable; it is your responsibility to ensure that the correct amount is paid. Tuition may be paid weekly, bi-weekly or monthly; by check, money order, or in cash. You will receive a monthly statement recording your payments as well as any additional charges due or credit given. At least two weeks' notice will be given before a rate increase is put into effect.

Child Care Assistance Payments

We are more than happy to work with parents receiving assistance from the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services (ODJFS). If you are receiving ODJFS assistance you are responsible for co-payments and any other payments or fees not covered by ODJFS. In addition if your child is absent from care it is your responsibility to contact ODJFS to arrange for payment to continue, or to cover those payments yourself.

Overtime Child Care Fee

It is vital that you adhere to your contracted schedule to maintain legal staff-child ratios as well as the quality of care you expect. Therefore an overtime fee will be charged if your child is dropped off or picked up more than 10 minutes outside of your contracted schedule or is on the premises before 7:00am or after 6:30pm. To comply with the center's closing time of 6:30pm, please be sure your child is signed out before 6:30pm and is off the premises shortly thereafter. The overtime child care fee will be $10.00 per child for the first 15 minutes plus an additional $1.00 per child per minute for each minute after the first 15 minutes.

Late Tuition Payment Fee

Prompt payment of tuition is necessary to ensure that the program can continue to function. Tuition fees that are not paid in full by 6:30pm on Tuesday are considered past due and a $15 Late Fee will be charged weekly until the tuition is paid in full.

Child Care Fees - Legal Fees

If it is necessary for KidsVille and a family to engage in legal action the family involved is responsible for all costs and expenses, including attorney's fees. Parents will be responsible for all costs and expenses, including attorney’s fees, incurred in the collection of any fees due from their account and/or defending any lawsuit brought by the family in which KidsVille prevails. Such costs and expenses also include but are not limited to court costs, bank charges and substitute charges, i.e. the cost of substituting for our time or a substitute and/or additional caregiver's time while we are taken away from duties at KidsVille.

Child Care Fees - NSF Fee

The program needs to maintain an adequate cash flow in order to continue, therefore a fee of $40.00 will be charged for any check returned due to non-sufficient funds (NSF). In addition to the NSF fee, parents are responsible for all charges assessed due to NSF checks. NSF checks will be re-deposited once and if returned a second time a cash or money order payment is required for replacement of the check. Because subsequent checks from the same account may be held by the bank, tuition payments must be paid in cash or money order for six weeks following a NSF check. If three separate checks are returned dues to NSF all subsequent tuition payments much be made in cash or money order.

Child Care Damage Fee

Although the materials, supplies and equipment at KidsVille were chosen with durability in mind, misuse or misbehavior may cause permanent damage. You are responsible for any damage above and beyond normal wear and tear caused by your child while at KidsVille unless the damage was caused by the negligence of a caregiver.

Third Party Payments

Third party payments (including ODJFS assistance payments) are accepted when prior arrangements are made. A special payment schedule must be agreed upon and a payment contract signed and submitted by parents before third party payments are accepted. Parents are responsible for co-payments and any amounts not paid by the third party.

Child Care Tuition Credit

Credit may be given for pre-paid fees if the center closes unexpectedly due to emergency, provider sick day, or another reason deemed appropriate by the center. The amount of credit will be recorded on the monthly statement. Credit must be redeemed within one month; after that time it will be forfeited. It is your responsibility to remember to redeem your credit.

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